[What I Had for] Dinner Tonight


While I have been blogging in one form or another since about 2002, I started this blog because I wanted to participate in this online community of of bloggers who, in my opinion, relish the simple things, things that some may consider retro.  Making things by hand, either through knitting, sewing, and cooking.  I’m not sure why this is going on.  Maybe people are tired of the overconsumerism, the cumulative impact on the earth, what it’s doing our relationships with each other.  I’m not sure.  I just noticed that it’s going on, and that I wanted to document my participation in it.  There is a wee bit of nesting syndrome involved, but maybe I’ll save that topic for another day.

One blog I really enjoy reading, which happens to be food-related, is Serious Eats. This entry inspired my dinner tonight.

I had no garlic, and I had only frozen kale from a different recipe, but despite these shortcomings, this is exactly the type of dish I cook when I eat alone. Simple but hearty, with easily substitutable ingredients. No kale? What about chard? No garlic? It’s ok, you don’t have to impress anyone. A glass of wine rounds out any missing ingredients.

I followed the suggestions in the recipe and added both bacon AND wheat pasta. The wheat pasta doesn’t create a starchy water like regular pasta does, but it is way less guilt-inducing, so I used romano cheese (what I had in the fridge, natch) to bind the dish together. Probably more calories than necessary, but hey, I got my ass kicked in spin class this morning, so it’s ok.


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