Container Garden Fail


Photos will be uploaded at a later date, but I would like to take this opportunity to memorialize the several plants that have died on me. English thyme, a pepper plant that was gnawed off at the base and hauled away by what could only have been a mini-beaver, the basil plant that was in full glory only to shrivel away one weekend, etc. Part of the problem is his awful infestation of what I believe are fungus gnats. I really wanted to know nothing about them, as I hate things that swarm, and have the boy take care of them, but that did not happen. And away I googled. Bleh.

I tried the potato trick, where you cut a piece of potato and put it on the soil. It attracts the larvae. The problem is, when you pick up the potato, all the little larvae thingies are like swarming around underneath and you can watch them go back into the dirt. Eew. I tried to use organocide, but that smelled like fish (being made of fish oil, natch) and killed my thyme and lettuces. The yellow stickers only work on the adults and leave enough behind to sprout what must be thousands of offspring. I tried the dish soap and water, but I think my problem and my container garden set-up was too great for this little trick. Same with the fan.

My last resort is Knock-Out Gnats(tm) Granules. It looks like yeast, you put it in water, and you water your plants. It’s basically bacteria that attack the larvae. Fingers crossed that I don’t come back from my weekend camping trip and come home to a bunch of dead plants. Tear.

Oh, and yes, I’m going camping this weekend. Hopefully lovely pictures will follow.


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