Weekend Sewing, or, Why I Heart Vermont


Please don’t hate me, blog.

Back in hot, steamy July, I had the good fortune to travel to Vermont, and spend the weekend with a bunch of lovely ladies.  Those women included none other than Heather Ross, of Weekend Sewing, et al. fame, and Liesl Gibson, of Oliver & S, et al. fame.  Sure, I paid a pretty penny, but I got to sew under the tutelage of incredibly gifted and talented women, eat unlimited chocolate chip cookies, bask in the glory of Vermont in the summer (buggy!), and swim in a clear, cool lake.  The setting was The Blueberry Hill Inn.  I don’t miss heat and humidity and bug spray, but I miss that part of the summer.

Stupidly, I brought a commercial pattern to work on, specifically, a men’s tropical shirt for Roomate.*  So, so stupid.  I could have had Heather Ross herself draping fabric on me and fitting me according to what she imagined for her own patterns.  But, no, the stupid shirt it was.  And let’s not talk about how it’s draped on the back of my dining room chair, waiting for buttons and some finishing touches.  No, let’s not.

A few weeks ago, Heather Ross also posted on her blog that she was having a garage sale of sorts.  Select a package size, and submit some requests, and she would do her best to fulfill them with stuff from the boxes of, well, stuff, she’s accumulated over the years.  I opted for the middle size, and asked for a few crocheted lobsters.  I got no lobsters, but I did get amaaaaaazing sushi fabric.  Amaaaazing!

Here are some pics from the weekend.  I will get around to posting pics of the misc. sale goodies when, well, hopefully before I get around to finishing that shirt…

Blueberry Hill Inn

Not Sewing

Silver Lake

You can find the rest of my pics on Flickr here and HR’s own post on the weekend here.  HR hosted another weekend in August, with Denyse Schmidt as the co-leader.  Here is HR’s post.  I am somewhat flummoxed by the cardigans and jeans.

*In other lives, err, blogs, I used to call him “the Boy”; I’m pretty sure at one point, he even became “the BF”.  I believe his current name aptly describes our situation.  As does “PITA”.


One Response to “Weekend Sewing, or, Why I Heart Vermont”

  1. Looks like it was a great weekend.

    wanted to let you know about a giveaway on my site. Just click on the giveaway picture in one of the sidebars.

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