Photos will be uploaded at a later date, but I would like to take this opportunity to memorialize the several plants that have died on me. English thyme, a pepper plant that was gnawed off at the base and hauled away by what could only have been a mini-beaver, the basil plant that was in full glory only to shrivel away one weekend, etc. Part of the problem is his awful infestation of what I believe are fungus gnats. I really wanted to know nothing about them, as I hate things that swarm, and have the boy take care of them, but that did not happen. And away I googled. Bleh.

I tried the potato trick, where you cut a piece of potato and put it on the soil. It attracts the larvae. The problem is, when you pick up the potato, all the little larvae thingies are like swarming around underneath and you can watch them go back into the dirt. Eew. I tried to use organocide, but that smelled like fish (being made of fish oil, natch) and killed my thyme and lettuces. The yellow stickers only work on the adults and leave enough behind to sprout what must be thousands of offspring. I tried the dish soap and water, but I think my problem and my container garden set-up was too great for this little trick. Same with the fan.

My last resort is Knock-Out Gnats(tm) Granules. It looks like yeast, you put it in water, and you water your plants. It’s basically bacteria that attack the larvae. Fingers crossed that I don’t come back from my weekend camping trip and come home to a bunch of dead plants. Tear.

Oh, and yes, I’m going camping this weekend. Hopefully lovely pictures will follow.


I’m a Winner!


I’m getting a little lucky, it seems. I haven’t won things since I won that 5 lb. chocolate bar and a Michael Jackson coloring book in third grade or something. (My mom took the chocolate bar away because I was fat. Have you seen Weeds?…Anyway, off topic.) But in the last few months, I have won two, count ’em TWO, giveaways.

The first was through the Sew, Mama, Sew May Day Giveaway. I won foofanagle‘s Carrot Cake quilt and Gold Seeds fabric.

And just tonight, I found out that I won the Target eco-friendly giveaway at shelterrific. I’m not sure if I should reveal that just yet, but no one reads this, so there you go. So excited!

Now, if only I would win one of the AMAZING giveaways over at The Pioneer Woman. I’m talking, DSLRs!

Fabric Giveaway


Do you love fabric? Do you love free? I don’t have many (any?) followers, but one day, I might, and one day, you might want to know about this great fabric website called The Fabric Shopper. They’re giving away the pretty ditty apron and fabric for it, via Phat Fabric!

While I have been blogging in one form or another since about 2002, I started this blog because I wanted to participate in this online community of of bloggers who, in my opinion, relish the simple things, things that some may consider retro.  Making things by hand, either through knitting, sewing, and cooking.  I’m not sure why this is going on.  Maybe people are tired of the overconsumerism, the cumulative impact on the earth, what it’s doing our relationships with each other.  I’m not sure.  I just noticed that it’s going on, and that I wanted to document my participation in it.  There is a wee bit of nesting syndrome involved, but maybe I’ll save that topic for another day.

One blog I really enjoy reading, which happens to be food-related, is Serious Eats. This entry inspired my dinner tonight.

I had no garlic, and I had only frozen kale from a different recipe, but despite these shortcomings, this is exactly the type of dish I cook when I eat alone. Simple but hearty, with easily substitutable ingredients. No kale? What about chard? No garlic? It’s ok, you don’t have to impress anyone. A glass of wine rounds out any missing ingredients.

I followed the suggestions in the recipe and added both bacon AND wheat pasta. The wheat pasta doesn’t create a starchy water like regular pasta does, but it is way less guilt-inducing, so I used romano cheese (what I had in the fridge, natch) to bind the dish together. Probably more calories than necessary, but hey, I got my ass kicked in spin class this morning, so it’s ok.

Book Club


Some lovely ladies I know started a book club. Unfortunately, it seems to meet on every weekend that I’m out of town, so I’ve only made about two meetings. This weekend, we are meeting again, and I will be in town! Also, I’ve already read the book. It’s Bill Bryson’s The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid. Hilarity! I love Bill Bryson. This book, about his childhood, is not as good as his travel books, particularly In a Sunburned Country and A Walk in the Woods. Those books were laugh out loud, embarrassingly so, funny. Can’t wait!

Thunderbolt Kid

Have you noticed that everyone and their mother seems to be gardening and growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs?  I’m not sure if this has always been going on, and I just haven’t noticed, or if it’s a result of the recession and/or the local / organic foods movement.  Well, I’m hopping on the bandwagon!!  A few years ago, I tried to grow a basil plant, but my apartment lacked sunlight, and things like to die on me anyways, so it didn’t go so well.  This year, for my birthday, the Boy built me a shelving unit and installed growlights.  And my container garden is a go!  I love wandering over to it and looking at it and plucking some drying, dying leaves.  And when I go to work, I like to say goodbye.  I kind of miss my plants when I go to work.  Here are some pictures!

kimson lee peppers

kimson lee peppers

rosemary and thyme

rosemary and thyme



swiss chard

swiss chard



I’ve also got some chives, more kimora lee peppers, and some lettuces, that are struggling a little. I’ve also got some winter thyme, which I think is more like the stuff you find in supermarkets, and is woodier than the english thyme I showed you.

I’m also a member of the new fish csa, the Cape Ann Fresh Catch. A quarter share has given us a giant fish each week, head and tail intact. I can’t even fit the thing in my freezer without bending it.

I REALLY want to be a member of a vegetable CSA, but I travel too much, and can never pick them up. Hitting up the farmer’s markets will have to do.

OK, that’s it for now. Going to get back to knitting my first pair of socks, while watching Galactica 1980. Awesomely bad!

I spent most of my day, like a decreasing number of Americans, at work.  I could blog about work, but then you’d be bored and I’d be out of a job.  With no job, I’d have no money to do the things this blog is going to be about, namely, cooking, cleaning, barefoot…no, wait.  Cooking, sewing, knitting and such domestic arts as I can cram into my evenings and weekends.   I’ll try to keep the snark down to a minimum, or at least down to strangers, because that’s not the point.  Enjoy, if you want.  If not, move on, nothing to look at here.

Hello, world

Hello, world

Here is me. I’m wearing a hat I knit. I knit it with yarn a friend gave me that she spun herself. It’s rather lovely when it’s not in a dark, grainy photo.

Hello, world.